Friday, January 6, 2012

Blood Oranges

It's amazing what people think about food sometimes.  I was having a snack at lunch one day when a coworker was preparing to peel a blood orange.  The mere name of the orange seemed to cause him to pause before venturing out to taste it.  All the while another coworker was saying how horrible the idea was of having vampire oranges and that it would taste meaty.
His face changed as he peeled it back.  Having gone that far already he decided he had to at least taste it.  It  came as no surprise to me that he didn't like it, although he did say that it wasn't as bad as he was expecting.  He described it as a cross between and orange and pomegranate.
He let me have the rest of the orange along with another one he had bought.  I have to admit that it wasn't the best blood orange I'd had but it wasn't bad.  The guy who sits one cube over wanted the other one so I let him have it.  He agreed that they were a bit sour.

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