Sunday, September 12, 2010

Being a Citraphile

My love of citrus started in my teens when my Stepdad would take a lemon and eat it with a little salt. After I grew up and got married I continued with my planting obsession and took my first lemon seed from a wedge served to me with my glass of water.
That seed sprouted and grew into a little tree. It lasted three years until I tried to get it to acclimate to the climate on the balcony while living in an apartment. After that I realized that it was relatively easy to sprout citrus seeds. Now I have one lemon tree, about 8 years old, 1 kaffir lime tree in it's first year and a struggling little key lime tree that I really need to put in a bigger pot. There were several others but I left them out and they got snowed on.
I need to plant more varieties but just haven't gotten around to it yet. Buda's hand it one of the more exotic varieties that I have recently found is supposed to be good candied, Iron Chef episode.
I figure it's about time to dedicate an entire blog to the growing of citrus and the love of using it in cooking.

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