Monday, January 3, 2011

Yuzu Citrus

This has to be one of the more bitter citrus fruits I have come across. The flavor is mixed in well with the equally strong tart flavor and gives a good overall flavor. There isn't much juice in one of these. When I first picked it up I wondered if it had gone bad. They all had the same feel to them and so I bought a couple.
Below is a whole yuzu that has some of the zest removed. The green color from the rind gives the zest and interesting look to it. Some of the fruit is greener than others so it depends on what color you want from it as to which one you decide to pick up.
The zest is very flavorful and gives off a very lemony scent with a hint of orange.
They more than make up in seeds what they lack in juice. After taking this picture I took all of the seeds out of the first one and came up with a total of 18 seeds. They were large too and totally plantable. If you want to try growing citrus this is a good pick.

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